Open Access

The International Body Psychotherapy Journal has chosen to publish the Journal in an open access form in order to provide free and unrestricted access via the internet to the work of our authors. We provide this information for students, researchers, clinicians, patients, policy makers and journalists in order to contribute to the flow of knowledge throughout the world and to the current understanding of the connections between the body and mind.

The IBPJ is sponsored by the two sister body psychotherapy organizations in the US and Europe
USABP – United States Association for Body Psychotherapy and
EABP  – European Association for Body Psychotherapy.
These Associations raise money through membership fees and contribute to the Journal from their yearly budgets.

Currently there is no separate funding of the Journal and the editor and editorial committees donate their services voluntarily. 

Sustaining the quality of a professional journal depends on sponsorship from schools, professionals, publishers and individuals who want to support the development of an embodied psychology and psychotherapy.

Invitation to Funders

We invite individuals and organisations to support the future development of this journal.

Direct sponsorship benefits: Sponsors will be mentioned on the Association websites and on the inside back cover of the Journal. Copies of the printed Journal will be offered and reductions to the EABP and USABP bianual congresses.

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